Purifree Water Filter Purifier

"Purifree" offers safe and tasty water.

Why purifrees are used by many users?

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The way water reaches the taps at homes.

Raw water running down from upstream is sent to the intake of the water treatment plant for purifying. The raw water contains agrichemicals, industrial waste and bacteria such like mold. These contaminants are removed in the water treatment plant and filtered safe water sent to the taps at homes.

tap water route
The way of tap water

The water filtered in the water treatment plant is safe water according to the standards set by government or by international standards. During the treatment in the plant, chlorine is added for sterilization and it can be a source of chlorine odors and produces harmful substances of suspected carcinogen called trihalomethanes by reacting with organic substances.

Besides chlorine、the treated water distributed from the plan to homes, offices and factories can have chances of contaminant. For example, lead can dissolve in the water from lead pipes or fixtures, and rust can solve in the water through aging iron pipes.

Many families, especially families with babies or pregnant females try to make safe water by boiling. Adequate boiling can kill bacteria and virus but if metal contaminants such as lead or rust is dissolved in water, boiling cannot remove them.

Role of Purifree

Purifree water purifier produces safe and tasty water by removing 15 detrimental substances and undesirable chlorine odors including dissolved lead and iron rust with the 4-layer filtering structure filtration. At the same time, Purifree allows minerals essential to your body flowing through and retains in your drinking water. Purifree provide healthy and friendly water to every generation, from baby to elderly.

Provide safe water to babies and pregnant females.
Enjoy delicious tea of purified water anytime without unpleasant odor.
Washing your faith and hand if you have sensitive skin against tap water.


Different from usual purifiers, Purifree has unique concept that does not require replacement of the filter but replace the whole unit. Every purifier is necessary to replace its expensive filter periodically. Purifree is easy to mount that is the good point of faucet mount type and has high purification capability that is the advantage of counter top type. The initial cost is minimum and running cost is law, Purifree provides superior cost performance. Purifree is made by Kitz Micro Filter in Japan.

High Filtration Flow

Purifree filtrates water as large as 3.5 litters in a minute. You can use filtrated water to wash vegetables besides as drinking water. Because of such high water flow, it is also capable enough for washing hand or face. It is useful for the people having sensitive skin to tap water.


The most popular water filter can be faucet mount type and the filtration flow is around 1.6 litter/min. If water flow of such faucet mount types do not meet your satisfaction, the quality of the Purifree will fulfill definitely your needs. The filtration flow of Purifree is just as large as common counter top type.



Economical Purification capacity is 8000 litters (2110 gallons). You can get purified water as long as 2 years without replacing the filter if 10 litters are consumed a day. You can replace the whole unit in 2 years. This is more economical than the way of replacing filter and you can save running cost. Compared to a bottled water, it is equal to 16000 bottles of 500-ml bottle and 4000 bottles of 2-litter bottle. If you figure out it in cost, the Purifree produces tasty and healthy water at 1/40 of the bottled water.
(Purification capacity: by JIS S 3201)


selector overview

You can select purified water or raw straight water or raw showered water with switching the cock lever. With the simple faucet design, you can mount it to the spout easily without tools. If necessary, you can disassemble and clean each of the parts and keep the Purifree clean and fresh.
The transparent hoses connecting the spout and filter on the counter made of the material complied with Food Sanitation Act (Japan). With the see-through material, you can watch the status of In and Out water between the spout and the filter. The hoses used widely in food, medical, biology fields, etc. are eco-friendly product without emitting any poisonous gas when ignited. The hoses have smooth flow and self-cleaning function, and will rarely turn moldy during the product life time of 2-year usage.

Excellent purifying capability

The 4-layer filtrate structure (Pre-filter, Granular activated carbon, Fibriform activated carbon and Hollow fiber membrane filter) removes 15 undesirable detrimental substances specified by JIS S 3201 (Testing methods for household water purifiers by Japanese Industrial Standard Committee) and Japan Water Purifier Association. While it does not filter out beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium essential to your body and provides tasty water.

Purifree achieves removal of bacteria up to 99.999% at Bacteria removal performance test specified in JIS S 3201.

Colorful and compact design


You can choose a suitable color from 6 assorted colors to harmonize with your fancy kitchen and bathroom.

Purifree has large filtrating capacity but also its space-saving body can sit nicely on your countertop. Different from the faucet mount filter types, the cock mounting on the faucet does not have filter and it will less interfere with your cooking and washing dishes.You can choose filtered or unfiltered (straight or shower) water with the switching cock lever.

Spout/aerator adapter accessories

Adapter accessories


Various sizes of spout/aerator adapter are included as standard accessories. (Purifree may not be mounted on the spout having a sensor or having a special form.)



4-layer filtration structure

Despite of small body, Purifree achieves large flow with excellent purification by integrating precision with large capacity filter.


① Pre-filter
Removing large sediment like rust and foreign particle.
② Granular activated carbon
Removing chlorine odor, trihalomethane and musty odor. Enhanced performance of granular activated carbon was developed specifically for the water purification. Since palm-shell-based granular activated carbon is treated with steam activation method, it has less impurity carbon.
③ Fibriform activated carbon
Removing lead solubility. High purification flow is achieved by the distinctive low pressure loss spiral design.。
④ Hollow fiber membrane filter
The large hollow fiber membrane filtrates as small as 0.1μm (0.0001mm) turbid component, bacteria, coliform, parasites, etc.
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Bodydimensions: 109mm in dia. x 172mm height
Bodyweight: 670g
Switching cockdimensions: 90mm x 60mm x 45mm
Switching cockweight: 111g
Filtration flow rate3.5 litters /minute
Filter materialActivated carbon, Nonwoven fabric, Hollow fiber membrane
Body materialABS resin
AccessoriesSpout adapter:Standard (Φ16mm and Φ19mm in dia)
External threads (W22 x 20t, W22 x P1.0)
Internal threads (W23 x 20t, W24 x P1.0), Universal (Φ15mm to Φ24mm)
Unit boxDimensions: 170mm x 143mm x 217mm (h) Weight:1160g
Outer box6 unit boxes Dimensions: 445mm x 360mm x 240mm(h) weight:9050g
Country of originJapan
ColorWhite, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink
Product life8000 litters or 2 years
Filtration capabilityRemoving 15 undesired substances shown in the below table
Removal substances specified in JIS S 3201 - Testing methods for household water purifiers by Japanese Industrial Standard Committee
Free residual chlorine Chlorine is used for disinfectant. It is cause of chlorine odor and degrades the water taste.
Turbidity Microparticulate, iron mold or other tiny particle that causes cloudiness in the water.
Total trihalomethane Produced by the reaction of organic substances to chlorine in tap water. It is suspected to be carcinogenic material
Soluble lead If soluble lead accumulates in your body, it will be possible damage of nerve, hepatic and anemia.
Agricultural chemicals (CAT) CAT is one of agricultural chemicals used widely for chemical herbicide known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemical (EDC).
2-Mehtylisoborneol (MIB) Mold caused by organic chemical produces strong odor. It degrades the water taste.
Tetrachloroethylene Chemical compound used for dry-cleaning and solvent for metal and other materials in factories. It is suspected to be a carcinogen affecting liver and kidneys.
1.1.1 Trichloroethane
Two substances specified by Japan Water Purifier Association
Iron (Fine particle) Iron derived from iron pipes causes rust affecting water taste.
Aluminum (neutral) Aluminum aggregation is used to remove turbidity at water treatment plant. It affects water taste and transparency.
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0422-26-6723 / 0422-45-3641

About Purifree manufacturer

Purifree is manufactured by Kitz Micro Filter Corporation (KMF) of Kitz group. KMF developed the hollow fiber membrane which is core technology of water filters and is manufacturing in its Suwa factory (Nagano prefecture).

Kitz HQ
Kitz HQ in Makuhari

KMF Suwa factory
Address: Nagano prefecture, Suwa city
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, Japan Water Works Association (JWWA)
Liquid and gas precision filters manufactured in this factory are used widely in semiconductor, medical, chemical and other various industry fields.

Kitz Corporation
Fluids control devices (valve) manufacture. Establishment: Jan., 1951, Capital: 21,2 billion yen (USD177M), Sales amount: 117 billion yen (USD975M)/2014 year.